Innovative Technologies for Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) grants are available to local governmental entities for projects that evaluate and implement innovative technologies and short-term solutions to combat algal blooms and nutrient enrichment, restore and preserve Florida waterbodies, and implement water quality treatment technologies. Eligible projects will mitigate, clean up or prevent algal blooms specifically through nutrient reduction. Funding may also be given to projects that improve the ability to predict and monitor harmful algal blooms.

To learn more about this grant program and past and current projects, visit the Innovative Technologies Story Map. 

Innovative Technologies for HABs Story Map

Harmful Algal Bloom Management Services 

Through the efforts of the Innovative Technology for Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) grant program, the Department of Environmental Protection has competitively procured and awarded several contracts for emergency HAB management. The contracts offer HAB Management Services, including containment, removal, cleanup, transportation and disposal of HABs and by-products, on an as-needed basis, while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. 

To assist government entities interested in pursuing the services of any contracted vendors, a brief description of the services offered and a link to the contracts are listed below.  Each of the contracts are in the Florida Accountability Contract Tracking System (FACTS) and have provisions that allow for direct procurement of services to provide for algal bloom mitigation in a timely manner.

  • ES001: Water Management Technologies

    Water Management Technologies employs the Scavenger Vessel for decontaminating water using its patented Oxy-Plus system. This mobile system treats 20,000 US gallons per minute and functions as a vacuum to collect HABs on the water's surface.

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  • ES013: AECOM Technical Services, Inc.

    AECOM Technical Services, Inc. deploys an algal harvesting system to safely remove algal materials without releasing toxins. The algal material is separated from the water, which is cleaned and returned to the water body once it is determined to be free of contaminants.

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  • ES014: BlueGreen US Water Technologies, Inc.

    BlueGreen US Water Technologies, Inc. enhances water quality and controls algae growth in lakes through the application of Lake Guard Oxy, as a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved aquatic algicide. Using oxygenation technology, the algicide restores aquatic ecosystems by infusing oxygen into the water, thereby preventing proliferation of existing blooms and reducing the occurrence of future HABs.

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  • ES015: Waterfront Property Services, LLC DBA. Gator Dredging

    Waterfront Property Services, LLC DBA Gator Dredging prevents and removes harmful algal blooms by dredging to remove nutrient-rich sediments. Dredging collects existing algae,  implements water management practices, controls nutrient sources and monitors water quality to maintain healthier aquatic environments.

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  • ES016: Green Water Solutions, LLC.

    Green Water Solutions, LLC. operates the Nano Bubble Ozone Technology, which is a water disinfecting mechanism that creates ozone nano-bubbles to produce an environment in water that is prohibitive of algal bloom formation.

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  • ES017: Solitude Lake Management, LLC.

    Solitude Lake Management, LLC. utilizes chemical treatments such as algaecides and cyanobacterial toxin inhibitors, mechanical harvesting, and the installation of aeration systems to enhance water circulation, prevent stratification and promote oxygen levels.

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