Doing More Now For Florida’s Environment 

Since taking office, Governor DeSantis has demonstrated his continued commitment to protect Florida’s water and natural resources, the foundation of Florida’s communities, economy and way of life. In just the first three years, $2.6 billion dollars has been allocated to protecting Florida’s natural resources, exceeding the $2.5 billion he proposed over four years in his first days of office. The department looks forward to continuing this progress towards water quality improvements statewide in FY 2022-23. 

In addition to water quality improvement projects, last year the Governor announced more than $670 million in resilience projects, protecting Florida’s communities by tackling the challenges resulting from flooding and sea level rise. The Resilient Florida Program enhances our efforts to protect our inland waterways, coastlines, shores and coral reefs, which serve as invaluable natural defenses against sea level rise.

The department launched this portal to provide eligible entities the opportunity to submit proposals for each fiscal year’s  water-quality grant programs. This site is another way DEP continues to encourage improved water quality through funding opportunities for stakeholders across the state by presenting information in a centralized location.

Check back for additional grant opportunities and calls for project proposals.

Any information submitted to the department will become a public record, subject to disclosure in accordance with Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, and article 1, §24 of the Florida constitution. Submittal of a project proposal does not create an agreement, nor does it guarantee funding.

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Currently Seeking Proposals

FY 2022-23 Resilient Florida Grant Program - Planning

The portal for the FY 2022-23 Local Government Planning and Regional Resilience Entity (RRE) Grants is now open and accepting proposals through June 22, 2022. The Resilient Florida Program includes a selection of grants for counties, municipalities and RREs to assess vulnerability, update existing assessments for statutory compliance, conduct adaptation planning and perform peril of flood comprehensive plan amendments, when applicable.

To submit a project proposal, you must login or register with the Resilient Florida Grants Portal.

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Recently Closed Grant Programs

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Wastewater Grants

This grant program is provided to governmental entities for wastewater projects that reduce excess nutrient pollution within a basin management action plan (BMAP), alternative restoration plan adopted by final order or rural area of opportunity. 

FY 2021-22 Awardees
Photo: City of Tarpon Springs Wastewater Treatment Facility

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Innovative Technology Grants

This grant program is available to local governmental entities for projects that evaluate and implement innovative technologies and short-term solutions to combat algal blooms and nutrient enrichment, restore and preserve Florida waterbodies, and implement certain water quality treatment technologies. 

FY 2021-22 Awardees  Learn More

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Springs Grants

Provides matching grants to assist local governmental entities with projects for land acquisition to protect springs and for capital projects that protect the quality and quantity of water that flows from springs.

For information on how to apply to the water management districts for funding for FY 2022-23, please contact your local water management district.

FY 2021-22 Awardees Contacts Learn More 

Aerial view of Biscayne Bay. Photo courtesy of South Florida Water Management District

Water Quality Improvement Grants: Biscayne Bay, Springs Coast Watershed and Peace River Basin

For FY 2021-22, Governor DeSantis and the Legislature funded two grant programs specifically targeted for water quality improvements in the Biscayne Bay, Springs Coast Watershed and Peace River Basin. These grant programs continue the state’s partnership with local governmental entities to address water quality challenges in these important watersheds. 

Biscayne Bay FY 2021-22 Awardees  Springs Coast & Peace River FY 2021-22 Awardees

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Resilient Florida

This program includes a selection of grants available to counties, municipalities, water management districts, flood control districts and regional resilience entities. To effectively address the impacts of flooding and sea level rise that the state faces, eligible applicants may receive funding assistance to analyze and plan for vulnerabilities, as well as implement projects for adaptation and mitigation. 

FY 2021-22 Resilient Florida Planning Grant Awardees  FY 2021-22 Resilient Florida Grant Program Awardees  FY 2022-23 Resilience Plan Project List