Wastewater Grants Project Proposal

Call for Wastewater Grant Program Project Proposals

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is seeking project proposals for the Wastewater Grant Program, as established under Section 403.0673, Florida StatutesThese proposals will be reviewed by DEP to identify viable grant projects as part of the selection process. You may be asked for additional information as necessary so your project proposal for applicable funding opportunities can be fully evaluated.

Eligible projects include:

  1. Projects to retrofit onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems to upgrade such systems to enhanced nutrient-reducing onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems.
  2. Projects to construct, upgrade or expand facilities to provide advanced waste treatment, as defined in section 403.086(4), F.S.
  3. Projects to connect onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems to central sewer facilities.

To be eligible for funding, a project must be located within:

Please submit your eligible project proposal using this portal. DEP will accept and review proposals through July 22, 2022, for viable grant projects awards.  

Eligible project proposals must be submitted by nonstate entities. Typically, this means local governments, universities or nonprofit organizations. This funding will not be provided by DEP directly to a vendor or private, for-profit entity.

Any information submitted to DEP will become a public record, subject to disclosure in accordance with chapter 119, F.S., and article 1, §24 of the Florida Constitution. Please note that submittal of a proposal does not create an agreement, nor does it guarantee funding. 


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Project Details

If requesting funding for only a single phase of a project, please include the phase name or number.
A concise project description will be able to answer three questions: what, where and why. What type of project is being implemented; where is the nearest neighborhood or waterbody this project is benefiting; and why the project is being implemented (intended purpose or benefit)?
Provide a short description of what the project will accomplish and how it will benefit the environment.
Enter the project benefits below in numeric form. If there is no benefit, the benefit is not known or the benefit is not calculable, enter "0." If benefits are other than those listed below, be sure to describe them in the short description, above.
You have entered 0 for one or more of the water quality benefits above. Please indicate which of the following best applies:
You have entered 0 for one or more of the water quality benefits above. Please indicate which of the following best applies:
Is this project located within an alternative restoration plan adopted by final order?
Is this project located within a basin management action plan (BMAP)?
Is this project listed in the Statewide Report?
Enter a keyword and our form will assist you in selecting the right project. If you cannot find your project, check the BMAP Project data sheet for a complete list of BMAP projects. If your project is not listed, please select Other - Not Listed below.
You have indicated that you were unable to find your BMAP Project in the list above.  Please enter the full project name here. If you know your project number, please also include that here.
Is this project located within a Rural Area of Opportunity?


Project Is Not Eligible for Wastewater Grant Program Funding

This project is not eligible for funding through the wastewater grant program. Projects must be located within a basin management action plan, an alternative restoration plan adopted by final order, or a rural area of opportunity.

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