Biscayne Bay, Springs Coast and Water Quality Project Proposal

Call For Biscayne Bay, Springs Coast and Water Quality Project Proposals

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is seeking project proposals for Biscayne Bay, Springs Coast and Water Quality Improvement Grants. These proposals will be reviewed by DEP to identify viable projects as part of the selection process. You may be asked for additional information as necessary so your project proposal for applicable funding opportunities can be fully evaluated. 

This grant is open to local governments and non-state entities. Eligible projects must be designed to improve water quality.

Please submit your eligible project proposal using this portal. DEP will accept and review proposals through July 22, 2022, for viable grant projects awards.  

Eligible project proposals must be submitted by a local government, academic institution, nonprofit organization or for-profit organization that receives state financial assistance. Funding cannot be provided by DEP directly to any federal agency, vendor or private, for-profit entity.

Any information submitted to DEP will become a public record, subject to disclosure in accordance with Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, and Article 1, §24 of the Florida Constitution. Please note that submittal of a proposal does not create an agreement, nor does it guarantee funding.


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