Resilient Florida


The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is seeking project proposals for use of FY 21-22 Water Protection Funds to be distributed as grants to governmental entities for the Resilient Florida Grant Program. Please submit your project proposal using this portal. DEP will accept and review proposals through September 1, 2021, for viable grant projects awards. Additional information may be required, as necessary, pursuant to the criteria in s. 380.093, F.S. You will receive notice on how to submit further information, if this next step is deemed necessary by the Department.

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Please provide a concise summary of the work to be done, including why the project is necessary.
Please provide a list of outcomes that will result from this project.
Has a Vulnerability Assessment been performed for this area previously?
Vulnerability Assessments identify or address risks of flooding and sea level rise. It consists of measuring the impact of sea level rise and identifying the people, infrastructure, and land use that may be affected.
Project Type
What area of the county/municipality will the Vulnerability Assessment cover?